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Alkie & Bradley

Writing up Alkie & Bradley's love story for their big day back in December brought smiles to my face, and warmth to my heart .♡ྀི 

❝Some of you may already know that Alkie & Bradley have the cutest meet-cute that is no less than a romantic comedy. They first met through being in the same office building, sharing the same elevator and it was love at first sight for Bradley (in his words, his heart stopped when he first saw Alkie). But it was only a year later after they bumped into each other again at a music festival with Bradley stepping on Alkie's foot, intentionally or unintentionally, that their sparks truly began to fly, and the rest is history.

After being lovers, Bradley discovered that Alkie is not just beautiful outside but also inside. She is compassionate, caring, understanding, and makes him feel loved everyday. Compassion is also what Alkie appreciates most about Bradley, she also loves him for always putting others first and for always making things happen.

Other than being romantic partners, Alkie and Bradley have also become best friends and soul mates with each other, sharing a special bond & connection, taking care of their beloved dog Teddy together, and caring for those in needs together. They share the same sense of humour, but have different tastes in movies and music, though I understand that Bradley has learnt to appreciate Jay Chou's music under Alkie's influence.

They find joy in daily routines like grocery shopping and cooking, as long as they are with each other. But to give Alkie the most beautiful memory, Bradley planned an epic proposal on a cruise against the backdrop of sunset and ocean. In return, Alkie planned an epic pre-wedding photo shoot that made Bradley feeling like he's in a Steven Spielberg's production.

Alkie, Bradley, from this day onward, your lives will be joined as one, and you two will also share your dreams & memories, joys & sorrows, and strength & responsibilities to make this marriage a safe haven.❞


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